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White Dwarf 450 - Styczeń 2020

White Dwarf 450 - Styczeń 2020

Miesięcznik White Dwarf to flagowe źródło informacji ze świata Warhammera! W środku czekają raporty z epickich pojedynków, zapowiedzi nadchodzących nowości, prezentacje wspaniale pomalowanych armii, poradniki malarskie, wywiady z autorami oraz graczami i wiele, wiele więcej! 

Here’s what you can look forward to in January’s issue:

Your questions answered!

Worlds of Warhammer
According to Phil Kelly, it’s all about that base. This month he explains how the bases your models stand on can make such a difference to the stories behind your collections.

Inside The Studio
What have the Design Studio’s hobbyists been up to this month?

Basing Masterclass
The talented members of the Warhammer World studio team join us to talk about basing your miniatures.

New Year, New Army!
Four keen hobbyists show off their fledgling collections for the new year, including T’au Empire, Space Marines, Idoneth Deepkin and Nurgle Daemons.

Last of the Silent Kings

Rumours abound that the ruler of the Necron race has returned to the galaxy. Are the tales of the Silent King true, or are they just myths of an ancient time?

Galactic War Zones – Urban Battlefields
Eight pages of painting and modelling inspiration for urban environments – expect plenty of rubble, a bit of camo and a whole lot of grey paint.

Rules of Engagement

Jervis joins us to discuss the three ways to play and how a little bit of all three can make for a rewarding gaming experience.

Red Prospects
Captain Gronki Klarruz of Barak-Zilfin finds himself in a dangerous situation when his skyfleet is assailed by daemons.

Skies of Slaughter
Check out part two of the rules for aerial combat in the Age of Sigmar, including 27 new warscrolls, five new skybattles and a campaign.

A Tale of Four Warlords – The Stormvault Warlords
Our four budding warlords return for the penultimate instalment of the series. It seems they've all been painting monsters!

Battle Report – Destroy the Nexus
Phil Kelly and his Ogor Mawtribe take on Jes Bickham and his Ossiarch Bonereapers in a desperate mission to destroy a Bone-tithe Nexus. Much blood is spilled and many bones crunched.

Glory Points

John Bracken has usurped Dave Sanders this month to talk about preparing for a tournament.

Fates Intertwined
In the depths of Beastgrave, a mighty blade awaits a noble hero. It’s just a shame it's a grot that finds it…

Kill Team Dispositions

Are your kill team a band of stealthy guerilla warriors, or are they deadly headhunters? Here we present new rules and missions, enabling you to personalise your Kill Teams.

A Daring Rescue

Dare you enter the Weeping Labyrinth to rescue a captured explorer? No, we wouldn't either, but then we're not space-faring adventurers. Find your next Blackstone Fortress mission right here.

Raising the Westfold

Rob Alderman and Keith Robertson show us how to build, convert and paint the new Rohan House kit, complete with stage-by-stage modelling guide.

2459 Lustrian Superleague Semi-final
Check out this Blood Bowl Classic play between the Queekwell Queasers and the Tlanxla Terradons.

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