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Custodian Wardens Vexilus Praetor

Custodian Wardens Vexilus Praetor
Dostawa w ciągu 10-14 dni
Custodian Wardens Vexilus Praetor
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  • Producent: Games Workshop
  • Model: CustodianWardensVexilusPraetor
190.00 zł
Cena netto: 154.47 zł

The Adeptus Custodes are a glorious and much celebrated force. In the earliest days of the Imperium they marched to war alongside the Emperor himself, presenting a magnificent spectacle which echoed the majesty of the master of Mankind. Just as their weapons and armour have always been fashioned to reflect his martial glory, so too are the proud standards known as vexillas, which are borne to war by some of the most veteran Custodians. Few shield companies march to war without Vexillas rising above them.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Vexilus Praetor. He is clad in spectacular, expertly-crafted auramite power armour – this is covered in finely sculpted sigils of the Emperor, with Imperial eagles, lightning bolts, gemstones and filigree covering every surface. He is armed with a choice of guardian spear or castellan axe, but the standout feature of the kit is his enormous ornate vexilla. This stands almost twice the height of the praetor himself (minus the helmet plume), and is an inspiring sight indeed, featuring a huge double-headed eagle with gemstones, spikes and scriptures attached.

As well as the Vexilus Praetor, the kit also makes 4 Custodian Wardens, or 3 Custodian Wardens and a Shield-Captain. The Custodian Wardens can also be armed with a choice of guardian spear or castellan axe. The Shield-Captain has his own shoulder pads, thigh plates, helmet plume and misericordia, along with the standard weapon choices.

This kit comes as 78 components, and is supplied with 5 Citadel 40mm Round bases.

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