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Warlord Games

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Kubelwagen 2-3 Dni


The Kubelwagen was the military version of the Volkswagen and proved a reliable, rugged and much-lik..

83.33 zł
KV1/2 Plastic Box Set 2-3 Dni

KV1/2 Plastic Box Set

The KV1/2 plastic box is absolutely crammed packed with the might of mother Russia:Enough plastic co..

111.11 zł
Panhard 178 armoured car 2-3 Dni

Panhard 178 armoured car

The Panhard 178 or "Pan-Pan" was an advanced French reconnaissance 4x4 armoured car that was designe..

118.22 zł

Soviet 45mm Anti-Tank Gun

The 45mm anti-tank gun was to be found at Company level all over the Russian front. Low slung and hi..

82.22 zł

Soviet command

Pack contains 3 metal foot figures...

27.78 zł

Soviet Infantry plastic box set

These are the men who fought ferociously to defend Mother Russia from the German invasion of 1941 th..

177.78 zł

Soviet Maxim MMG Team

Three Soviet gunners and and wheeled maxim MMG. Crouched on his knees the gunner fires the maxim, he..

38.89 zł

Soviet Naval Brigade Command

Led by a typical Soviet officer, this fellow, and his submachine gun, will ensure discipline in the ..

33.33 zł

Soviet ZIS-3 76mm Divisional Gun

The 76mm was the backbone in many ways of the Soviet field guns. Capable of accurate direct fire and..

100.00 zł

Spanish Caetrati command

The caetra, describes the small round shield of the skirmisher as opposed to the heavier and longer ..

34.44 zł

Spanish Caetrati light infantry

The caetra, describes the small round shield of the skirmisher as opposed to the heavier and longer ..

68.89 zł

Spanish Scutari with spears

Named by the Romans, 'Hispania', the Iberian Peninsula became a key factor, both culturally and geog..

68.89 zł

Stowage pack - German (OOP)

Pack contains a variety of metal accessories to add to your German vehicles, your troops or to use o..

49.00 zł

US Army 3-inch anti-tank gun M5 (Winter)

In 1940 the American Army asked for a gun that could effectively stop any tank. The design foresaw a..

88.89 zł