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Warlord Games

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Afrika Korps 2cm Flak 38

Pack contains 1 metal anti-aircraft gun and 3 crew...

72.22 zł

Afrika Korps 5cm PaK 38 anti-tank gun

Pack contains 1 metal gun and 3 metal crew miniatures..

72.22 zł
Ancient Celts: Cavalry boxed set Dostawa w ciągu 10-14 dni

Ancient Celts: Cavalry boxed set

This regiment offer combines the multi-pose flexibility of our superb plastic Celtic Warriors with f..

138.89 zł

Armadillo MkIII

Armadillos were improvised armoured self-propelled guns based on any available lorry chassis for air..

138.89 zł

Armies of Germany 2nd Edition

'Armies of Germany 2nd Edition' is a supplement for our award winning tabletop wargame Bolt Action, ..

111.11 zł

BEF anti-tank rifle and 2" light mortar teams

The British Expeditionary Force (BEF) was the British force in Europe from 1939 - 1940 during the Se..

33.33 zł

BEF Vickers MMG team

Pack contains 1 metal gun and 3 metal foot figures. ..

38.89 zł

Bolt Action Campaign: Western Desert Book

When compared to the enormous campaigns waged on the Eastern Front and in Western Europe during Worl..

111.11 zł

Bolt Action Campaign: Battle of France

The Battle of France saw German forces sweep across the Low Countries and towards Paris, crushing Al..

111.11 zł

Bolt Action Campaign: Battle of the Bulge

Despite a spirited defence from the opening hours of the Normandy invasion in June 1944, Hitler’s fo..

111.11 zł

British Army 17 pdr anti-tank gun

Initially developed to overcome the more heavily German tanks encountered by the British during the ..

100.00 zł

British Army Vickers MMG Team

One of the oldest and best serving weapons of the British Commonwealth armies, the Medium Vickers ma..

38.89 zł

British Vehicle Decals

28mm ScaleThese high quality waterslide transfers will finish your French vehicles off perfectly and..

50.00 zł
Caesarian Roman Cavalry Na indywidualne zamówienie

Caesarian Roman Cavalry

The horsemen of the later Roman Republic were unlikely to be Roman at all. Caesar famously recruited..

138.89 zł

Caesarian Roman Onager

Able to fling a missile great distance, the Onager was used for besieging forts or settlements. Onag..

103.33 zł