Tyranid 1250 (1250pts)

Tyranids: Codex (2014) (Combined Arms Detachment) (1250pts)

Selection Rules

Brotherhood of Psychers: A unit with this special rule counts as a Mastery Level 1 Psyker. The unit follows all the
normal rules for Psykers, with the following clarifications:

The unit uses the Leadership of its character, if there is one (and he is alive), or the unit,
if there isn’t a character (or he is dead), for Psychic tests. The unit can never use the
Leadership of an Independent Character for Psychic tests.

If the unit suffers the Perils of the Warp, or any other attack that specifically targets
Psykers, it is resolved against the character, if there is one (and he is alive), or against a
random, non-character model in the unit, if there is no character (or he is dead). (Main Rule Book)

Burrow: An unengaged Mawloc can, at any point during its Movement phases from the second
game turn onwards, elect to Burrow. If it does so, remove it from the table and place it
into Ongoing Reserves. A Mawloc cannot Deep Strike and Burrow in the same turn. (Codex: Tyranids p54)

Deep Strike: (Warhammer 40k rulebook p36)

Fearless: (Warhammer 40k rulebook p35)

Floating Death: (Codex: Tyranids p65)

Hit and Run: A unit that contains at least one model with this special rule that is locked in combat can
choose to leave close combat at the end of any Assault phase. If the unit wishes to do so, it
must take an Initiative test.

If the test is failed, nothing happens and the models remain locked in the fight. If the test is
passed, choose a direction – then roll 3D6. As long as the distance rolled, in inches, is
sufficient to allow the entire unit to move over 1" away from all of the enemy units they are
engaged in combat with, the unit breaks away from combat and immediately moves a number
of inches in the chosen direction equal to the 3D6 result, ignoring the units they were locked in
combat with. No Sweeping Advance rolls are made. Enemy units that are no longer locked in
combat immediately Consolidate D6".

A Hit & Run move is not slowed by difficult terrain, but treats dangerous terrain normally. It may
not be used to move into contact with enemy units, and models instead stop 1" away. If there
are units with this rule on both sides who wish to disengage, roll-off to determine who goes first
and then alternate disengaging them. If the last of these ends up no longer in combat, it
Consolidates instead. (Warhammer 40k rulebook p38)

Instinctive Behaviour - Feed: 1-3 - Cannibalistic Hunger: The unit immediately suffers a number of hits equal to
the number of models in that unit. These hits are resolved using the unit’s majority
Strength (if drawn, use the highest) and AP-. Wounds are allocated by the owning player
and armour saves (but not cover saves) may be taken. After resolving casualties (if any)
the unit can do nothing else until the end of its turn. Units consisting of only a single
model treat this result as Devour (below), instead.

4-5 - Devour: In the Shooting phase, the unit cannot shoot or Run. In the Assault phase,
if the unit is able to declare a charge, it must do so against the closest viable enemy unit.
If the unit cannot declare a charge, it does nothing in the Assault phase.

6 - Kill: This follows all the rules for Devour (above). In addition, the unit gains the Rage
special rule. (Codex: Tyranids p33)

Instinctive Behaviour - Hunt: 1-3 - Burrow and Hide: The unit immediately Goes to Ground. Units that contain at
least one model with the Fearless special rule treat this result as Prowl (below), instead.

4-5 - Prowl: In the Shooting phase, the unit cannot Run and must instead shoot at the
closest enemy unit that is within range and line of sight of at least one model in the
Tyranid unit. If there is no viable target, the Tyranid unit can do nothing during the
Shooting phase. The unit cannot charge in the Assault phase.

6 - Destroy: This follows all the rules for Prowl (above). In addition, the unit gains the
Preferred Enemy special rule. (Codex: Tyranids p33)

Instinctive Behaviour - Lurk: 1-3 - Survive: The unit is treated as having failed a Morale test and must immediately
Fall Back.

4-5 - Seek Cover: In the Movement phase, the unit is not slowed by difficult terrain,
though its models must take Dangerous Terrain tests as normal. In the Shooting phase,
the unit can Run, but it can only shoot if it is in a building or area terrain (if the unit is
partially within area terrain, only those models within area terrain are allowed to shoot).
The unit cannot charge in the Assault phase.

6 - Stalk: This follows all the rules for Seek Cover (above). In addition, the unit gains the
Stealth special rule. (Codex: Tyranids p33)

Living Battering Ram: When this model charges, it inflicts D3 Hammer of Wrath Attacks, rather than just 1. (Codex: Tyranids p52)

Living Bomb: (Codex: Tyranids p65)

Massive Floating Bomb: Each Mucolid Spore uses the Floating Death and Living Bomb rules that apply to Spore Mines
(see Codex: Tyranids).

All references to Spore Mines and Spore Mine Clusters in these special rules apply to Mucolid Spores also,
except that the hits inflicted when a Mucolid Spore explodes are Strength 8 AP3 rather than Strength 4 AP4.
Increase the Strength of the attack for additional Mucolid Spores as for Spore Mines. (White Dwarf 41)

Move Through Cover: (Warhammer 40k rulebook p40)

Poisoned (2+): (Warhammer 40k rulebook p40)

Powers of the Hive Mind: Primaris Power (Dominion) - WC 1 : Dominion is a blessing that targets the Psyker. Whilst this power is in effect the Psyker adds 6" to its synapse range. If the Psyker doesn't have the Synapse Creature special rule, it gains it for the duration of this power and has a synapse range of 6".

1. Catalyst - WC 1 : A blessing that targets the Psyker’s unit and up to one other friendly unit from Codex: Tyranids that is within 12". Whilst this power is in effect, the targets gain the Feel No Pain special rule.

2. The Horror - WC 1 : A malediction that targets a single enemy unit within 24”. The target must immediately take a Pinning test (as described for the Pinning special rule in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook) with a -2 modifier to their Leadership.

3. Onslaught - WC 1 : A blessing that targets a single friendly unit within 24". Whilst this power is in effect, the target unit can both Run and then shoot in its Shooting phase.

4. Paroxysm - WC 1 : A malediction that targets a single enemy unit within 24". Whilst this power is in effect, the target unit’s Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill are both reduced by D3 (roll once and apply the result to both characteristics).

5. Psychic Scream - WC 1 : A nova power with a range of 6". For each target unit, roll 2D6+2 and subtract their Leadership. That unit suffers a number of Wounds equal to the result. Armour and cover saves cannot be taken against Wounds caused by Psychic Scream.

6. Warp Blast - WC 2 : A witchfire power. Each time this power is manifested, the controlling player must choose which profile is being used, before the target is chosen:
Burst : Range - 24" | S5 | AP3 | Assault 1, Blast
Lance : Range - 18" | S10 | AP2 | Assault 1, Lance (Codex: Tyranids)

Psychic Brood: A Zoanthrope brood follows all the rules for Brotherhood of Psykers except that the unit
has a Mastery Level of 2. In addition, if a Zoanthrope Brood uses the Warp Blast power
(see Codex: Tyranids) the number of shots fired is equal to the number of Zoanthropes
and Neurothropes in that brood.

For example, a brood of three Zoanthropes that successfully manifested Warp Blast
would treat both the Burst and Lance profiles as Assault 3. (Codex: Tyranids p45)

Psyker: (Warhammer 40k rulebook p41)

Shadow in the Warp: All enemy units and models with the Psyker, Psychic Pilot or Brotherhood of Psykers
special rules suffer a -3 penalty to their Leadership whilst they are within 12" of one or
more models with the Shadow in the Warp special rule. (Codex: Tyranids p38)

Shrouded: (Warhammer 40k rulebook p41)

Skyblast: Mucolid Spore Clusters are allowed to assault Zooming Flyers or Swooping Monstrous Flying Creatures.

If they do so successfully then they will explode as described in the Floating Death special rule,
hitting the target automatically, with Strength and AP as described above.
Hits on Zooming Flyers are always resolved against the target model’s side armour.

Spore Cloud: All friendly models from Codex: Tyranids that are within 6" of at least one
Venomthrope have the Shrouded special rule. (Codex: Tyranids p47)

Synapse Creature: Models with the Synapse Creature special rule have a synapse range of 12". Friendly
Codex: Tyranids models within this synapse range, including the Synapse Creatures
themselves, have the Fearless special rule. If a unit from Codex: Tyranids is falling back
and at least one of the unit’s models is within a friendly Synapse Creature’s synapse range
before the unit moves, the unit automatically Regroups. (Codex: Tyranids p38)

Terror From the Deep: When arriving from Deep Strike Reserve, a Mawloc can choose to Deep Strike onto a
point occupied by another model (friend or foe) – roll for scatter as normal. If a Mawloc
Deep Strikes onto a point occupied by another model, do not roll on the Deep Strike
Mishap table. Instead, place the large blast marker directly over the spot the Mawloc is
deep striking onto. All units except Flyers and Flying Monstrous Creatures beneath the
blast marker suffer a number of Strength 6 AP2 hits with the Ignores Cover special rule
equal to the number of models that unit has underneath the blast marker. If the blast
marker is on a multi-level ruin, only models on the lowest level of the ruin count as being
under the blast marker. For Wound allocation purposes, assume the attack is coming
from the centre of the blast marker. Hits against vehicles are resolved against their side

If, after removing casualties, it is now possible to place the Mawloc on the table on the
spot where the blast marker landed, then do so, even if this is within 1" of another model
(but not if it would be in base contact with, or occupying the same space as, another
model). If it is not possible to place the Mawloc, replace the large blast marker on the spot
and resolve another round of damage as detailed above. If, after removing casualties for a
second time, it is still not possible to place the Mawloc, roll on the Deep Strike Mishap
table. (Codex: Tyranids p54)

Very Bulky: Very Bulky models count as three models for the purposes of Transport Capacity.

Warp Field: Zoanthropes have a 3+ invulnerable save. (Codex: Tyranids p45)

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